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Kea Migration Assistant

Easier Migration to Kea

ISC has developed the Kea Migration Assistant (KeaMA) tool to help users migrate from the legacy ISC DHCP server to the Kea DHCP server. This tool analyzes a valid ISC DHCP server configuration file and provides an equivalent configuration file for a Kea DHCP server. The resulting file is a starting point for your Kea configuration, but it will probably require editing before use.

Using the Tool

Upload your ISC DHCP server configuration, which is typically stored in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf. If you use both IPv4 and IPv6 in your network, you will have two separate files; this web tool analyzes a single file at a time. Upload your file using the form below, and make sure you check the appropriate IP family (DHCPv4 or DHCPv6). There is a limit on the file size for the upload. If your dhcpd.conf file is too big, you may have to run the KeaMA tool locally instead of using this web page. Once your dhcpd.conf file is uploaded, use the MIGRATE! button to trigger the translation. Your results will be displayed and you can download the output file. If the file uploaded is not a valid ISC DHCP configuration file, the translation will fail and error messages will be displayed. Those can be used to correct the input configuration file so you can try again.

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Uploading a file is generally safer, as it avoids problems with line wraps, copying too much/not enough data, etc.
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Share your configuration file with ISC
You can also share your config with ISC. If you do that, we will use the information to improve the migration software. Your data will not be anonymized before sharing. If you consider anything in your configuration to be sensitive (such as addresses of services in your network, MAC addresses and hostnames of your devices, etc.), please anonymize it before sharing with ISC.
Data Privacy Concerns

Uploaded files are permanently removed from the server after 10 minutes, unless you explicitly allow your configuration to be shared with ISC.

Further Reading

What are the limitations of the KeaMA tool? What are the next steps after the migration? Please find out here.